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OTM HandbookOn the Move Handbook Available online for download

The On the Move Handbook is a user-friendly resource designed as a practical guide for service providers in the creation of an On the Move program. However, it is also a valuable resource for individuals and organizations concerned with increasing girls’ and young women’s participation or with gender equity.

In the On the Move Handbook you will find:

  • Success stories from across the country;
  • Discussion about the social barriers girls and young women face in their participation
  • “Stats & Facts” about the importance of sport and physical activity to the health and well-being of girls and young women;
  • Programming tips and suggestions based on 10 years of On the Move experience; and
  • Lists of supportive On the Move Network contacts, organizations, resources, and research.

On the Move Handbook (310 KB, .pdf).

On the Move Top 10 Success Factors
This document provides a top 10 list of important program characteristics to engage girls and young women in active after school programs.
OTM Top 10 Success Factors, .PDF(332 KB)

These resources are part of CAAWS’ involvement in the Canadian Active After School Partnership (CAASP), funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Active After School Programs for Girls and Young Women

The after school time period, from 3:00pm – 6:00pm, is a key opportunity to increase physical activity amongst children and youth. Quality active after school programs can provide girls and young women with positive environments in which to develop lifelong physical activity habits. Programs that integrate moderate and vigorous physical activity, and supporting healthy eating choices, will contribute to achieving outcomes relating to girls’ and young women’s health.

Policy and Recommendations – Based on consultations with program providers and decision-makers, this document describes a vision and strategic directions for active after school programs for girls and young women. The policy was developed for community, provincial/territorial and national level organizations to use when considering the design and delivery of active after school programming.
Policy and Recommendations .pdf (363 KB)


Resource for After School Program Supervisors to Support Mental Health through Quality Physical Activity

CAAWS is pleased to announce the release of a new resource for after school program supervisors - Healthy Minds in Active Bodies. CAAWS led the development of the resource on behalf of CAASP, with the goal of addressing gaps in knowledge and programming relating to the promotion of mental health. Healthy Minds in Active Bodies makes the link between physical activity and mental health, and provides a practical resource with information on building mental health and resiliency amongst children and youth, suggestions for program enhancements, and guidelines on how to talk to children, parents and staff about the issues.
Download Healthy Minds in Active Bodies, PDF (4.1 MB, 29 pg)

A targeted fact sheet was also developed to examine mental health issues amongst girls and young women.
Download Girls and Young Women Fact Sheet, PDF (416 KB, 2 pg)

Newcomer Girls and Young Women On the Move:
Making Sport and Physical Activity Inclusive to Newcomers in Canada

This summary document provides case studies from each program site, background information on the project and key activities, and recommendations and tips to help other communities take action to engage newcomer girls and young women and their families.
Download the resource .pdf 3.15 MB
To request hard copies contact CAAWS.


Making Healthy Connections with Racialized Communities Report
CAAWS is excited to announce the release of a new report about the healthy living experiences of girls and young women from ethnic communities. The report, based on focus groups with girls and young women, and with practitioners involved with program and service delivery for this important target group, discusses the unique sport and physical activity needs, interests and experiences of girls and young women from ethnic communities and provides recommendations to enhance program and service delivery. To get the report caaws.ca/onthemove/e/racialized_girls/index.htm.

Active After School Programs for Girls and Young Women – Success Stories from Five Friendship Centres

In 2010-2012, CAAWS partnered with the National Association of Friendship Centres and five member Centres to support the development and delivery of active after school programs for Aboriginal girls and young women. This document provides an overview with key learnings from each site to support the creation of similar programs at Friendship Centres and other active after school program provides across Canada. Success Stories from Five Friendship Centres .PDF, (443 KB)

This resource is part of CAAWS’ involvement in the Canadian Active After School Partnership (CAASP), funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Actively Engaging Women and Girls: Addressing the Psycho-Social Factors

Actively Engaging Women and Girls: Addressing the Psycho-Social Factors, is a new resource designed to increase opportunities for women and girls as both participants and leaders in the Canadian sport and physical activity system. The publication is a supplement to the Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) foundation document, and complements other Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) resources. A valuable resource for everyone involved in sport and physical activity, it will support and guide those working with women and girls so they engage in, and maintain, healthy and active lifestyles.

In Her Voice: An Exploration of Young Women’s Sport and Physical Activity Experiences

In Her Voice provides insight into the sport and physical activity experiences of girls and young women. The resource is based on focus group conversations with young women, aged 13-17, from five diverse communities across Canada. The information gathered offers program providers and decision-makers in the sport and active living, health, education, and social service sectors a better understanding of the diverse needs, interests and experiences of young women, supporting the creation of better programs and more responsive health promotion initiatives.

In Her Voice, .PDF
Email caaws@caws.ca to request a hardcopy.

On the Move Workshops

Interactive, issues-based sessions with discussion relevant for everyone from programmers to policy makers. On the Move Workshops are designed to suit your organization’s or community’s needs. Contact CAAWS to request a workshop or to find out if there are any planned for your community.

On the Move Workshops Schedule.

Consultation and Advocacy

Contact CAAWS about consultation and advocacy services to support your community or organization in making a difference in the lives of inactive girls and young women, or to more generally increase opportunities for girls and women to participate and lead in sport and physical activity. Through On the Move, CAAWS has developed partnerships to share expertise on the sport and physical activity needs, interests and experiences of girls and women with such diverse organizations as the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association, Aboriginal Sport Circle, Canadian Nurses Association, and Boys and Girls Clubs.

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